Research Publications

Clement Imbert, Marlon Seror, Yifan Zhang, Yanos Zylberberg. Jun 2022. "Migrants and Firms: Evidence from China." American Economic Review 112.
Jinyuan Chang, Zhentao Shi, Jia Zhang. May 2022. "Culling the Herd of Moments with Penalized Empirical Likelihood." Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.
Jingjing Chen, Wei Chen, Ernest Liu, Jie Luo, and Zheng (Michael) Song. Apr 2022. "The Economic Cost of Lockdown in China: Evidence from City-to-City Truck Flows." Working Paper.
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宋錚:封城的經濟損失有多大? (2022年3月15日發表於《Impactful Research》微信公眾號)
宋錚 史冊 耿浩:香港消費券有用嗎? (2022年3月8日發表於《信報》及《財新網)
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