1. Invigilation

    In an exam, students should be well spaced out. As far as possible, no two students should occupy adjacent seats. Teachers may consider assigning seating plans.

    For classes of over 50 students and where the number of students are over 2/3 of classroom capacity, the class may be moved to a larger classroom, or more than one classroom may be used for the midterm. If no suitable classroom is available during regular lecture hours, the midterm may be scheduled in the evening or Saturday afternoon and students would be informed of the date and time of the midterm well in advance.

  2. Number of Invigilators

    Except for very small classes, there should be at least three invigilators in each exam, and at least one, but not all, of them should be female.

  3. No early turn-in in the last fifteen minutes

    No student may leave the exam room in the last fifteen minutes of the exam even if he/she has finished.

  4. Verification of Student ID and Recording of Location

    Invigilators should attempt to check student ID in the course of the exam and put on record the location of each student. The course instructor may exercise discretion in case the setting of the exam room makes this excessively inconvenient to the students.

  5. Collection of answer scripts

    At the end of the exam, students should be asked to stop writing and wait for the invigilators to collect their answer books. Answer books should be collected in the same order that students are seated. Students may leave only after all answer books have been collected and counted.

  6. Suspected cheating incidents

    If a student is suspected of cheating, the case must be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

  7. Exam to end before period ends

    To allow ample time for invigilators to collect answer books and students to move to another class, exams should end some time before the period ends (i.e. 15 minutes past the hour).

  8. Telecommunication devices and calculators

    No student is allowed access to mobile phones, pagers, and other telecommunication devices during the exam. Calculators should not have user-installed program functions.

  9. Special reasons to leave the room

    If students request to leave the room temporarily, e.g. to visit the washroom, they should be accompanied by an invigilator. The name of such students should be recorded.