This course, designed for final year majors, aims at integrating holistically the economics knowledge acquired by the student from the diverse major and elective courses prescribed in the programme. In particular, students are guided to apply what they have learnt to analyze and understand real economic events and to predict future trends. Economic issues and problems of current interest will be emphasized. Alumni and professionals working in related fields will be invited to give sharing sessions so that students can appreciate the power of applying economic knowledge to real issues and the skills employed in such applications. In the process, students gain useful insights in the demands of different occupations and become better informed in their own career planning. (Advisory: Course designed for students in their final year of major study in ECON. Students are advised to take ECON2901, 3011 and 3021 before taking this course. Capacity limited. Priority given to students in their final year of major study in ECON.)


1st Term
2nd Term
ECON4903 Teacher: Dr. YAN Wai Hin