This course is an overview of the institutional and practical aspects of the banking and financial sectors of the economy, with emphasis on how the two sectors impact on the economic well being of workers, consumers, and investors. This course is designed for students with no previous knowledge or training in economics. Topics to be discussed include: interest rate determination, operation and management of the banking system, banking policy and supervision, interbank market and liquidity, money supply, exchange rate systems and linked exchange rate, investment returns, risk diversification and portfolio choice, stock market movement, initial public offering and derivatives, financial ethics, international debt crisis, and their relationships with consumer prices, trade, investment, unemployment and the level of economic activity.(Not for students who have taken ECON3410, 3420, 3520, GESC2410 or UGEC1560.)


1st Term
ECON1420/UGEC1560A Teacher: Dr. YAN Wai Hin [Course Outline]
ECON1420/UGEC1560B Teacher: Dr. YAN Wai Hin [Course Outline]
2nd Term
ECON1420/UGEC1560C Teacher: Dr. YAN Wai Hin [Course Outline]