In general, all visitors to Hong Kong must have a passport that is valid for at least one month after the period of their intended stay in Hong Kong. However, documents issued to stateless persons must be valid for a minimum of two months after the period of intended stay. Please contact the Immigration Department for further details.

Nationals of most countries do not require a visa to enter Hong Kong for tourism and can stay for periods varying from 7 to 180 days, depending on nationality. If you are unsure of your status, please check with any Chinese Embassy or consulate. You can also find further details about visa requirements on the Immigration Department website. In particular, participants may refer to Item 12 of Part II to find more information on the visa requirements for different foreign countries / territories.

Letter of Invitation

If you need a "letter of invitation" which serves as supporting document for your visa application, please send an email to with indicating your full name, affiliation, and the ID and title of your accepted paper.