Conference Videos
Opening Ceremony and Conference Dinner


Opening Ceremony (3 June 2017)


Conference Dinner (4 June 2017)

Keynote Lectures
3 June 2017

Professor Torsten Persson, Stockholm University and The London School of Economics

“Who Becomes a Politician?”


4 June 2017

Professor James Heckman, The University of Chicago

Jacob Marschak Lecture: “Understanding the Multifaceted Life-Cycle Benefits for an Influential Early Childhood Program”


5 June 2017

Professor Mark Rosenzweig, Yale University

“Are There Too Many Farms in the World?”

*Note: This lecture video is open to conference participants only.

Invited Lectures


3 June 2017

Professor Steven Durlauf, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Understanding the Great Gatsby Curve”


Professor Jeffrey Ely, Northwestern University

“Moving the Goalposts”


Professor Samuel Kortum, Yale University

“Firm-to-Firm Networks and International Trade”


Professor Lung-Fei Lee, The Ohio State University

“Some Studies in Spatial and Social Networks Formation”

*Note: This lecture video is open to conference participants only.


4 June 2017

Professor Raj Chetty, Stanford University

“The Impacts of Neighborhoods on Intergenerational Mobility”


Professor Gianluca Violante, New York University

“Consumption and House Prices in the Great Recession: Model Meets Evidence”


Professor Fabrizio Zilibotti, University of Zurich

“R&D Misallocation and TFP Growth: China Today vs. Taiwan Yesterday”


5 June 2017

Professor Chang-Tai Hsieh, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“How Destructive is Innovation?”


Professor Aleh Tsyvinski, Yale University

“Generalized Compensation Principle”

*Note: This lecture video is open to conference participants only.


Professor Junsen Zhang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“Filial Piety, Old-Age Support, and Children's Gender Composition”