Department of Economics of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)


Established in 1963, the Department of Economics at CUHK has a history as long as the University itself. Since then, the Department has played a leading role in economic research as well as economic education in Asia. Various recognized international rankings (e.g. QS and Times Higher Education) have consistently placed the Department as one of the top 50 economics departments in the world, and among the best in Asia. Besides our unique strength in the study of the Chinese Economy, the Department is also known for its innovative and important research in many other fields.

The Department of Economics at CUHK is one of the largest departments of the university with over 30 full-time faculty members covering all major research areas of economics. The Department today has many well-known scholars in the academic profession whose research appears regularly in top academic journals in economics.

The unique position of Hong Kong has enabled the Department of Economics at CUHK to act as a bridge of economic research between China and the rest of the world. The Department has hosted numerous distinguished scholars and visitors, and has continued to foster many important inter-university research programs. Consistent with CUHK’s vision in enhancing the understanding of the increasingly important Chinese Economy, nearly half of our faculty members engage in research related to various economic aspects of China, and many have received awards and recognitions in their fields. To further strengthen the Department’s international reputation of research in the Chinese Economy, CUHK and the Department have recently established research partnership with Tsinghua University and inaugurated the Chinese University of Hong Kong-Tsinghua University Joint Research Center for Chinese Economy.

The Department of Economics at CUHK offers a rigorous set of academic programs preparing our students for the most demanding professions. The comprehensive set of courses related to the Chinese Economy has long been popular for international students who wish to be at the forefront of modern Chinese economic development. We offer two postgraduate research programs: The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) program was introduced in 1974 and is now the largest of its kind in Hong Kong. The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) program was launched in 1982, and has trained numerous established researchers currently working across the globe. A Master of Science in Economics (M.Sc) program was also introduced in 2013, to cater for the needs for advanced economic training in the modern and dynamic workplace.

In the coming years, the Department of Economics at CUHK will continue to strive for excellence and maintain itself as a leading school of economics in Hong Kong and Asia.

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