Kwong Kai Sun

Prof. KWONG Kai Sun, Sunny
系主任/ 副教授
電話: (852) 3943-9273
辦公室地址: Room 935, Esther Lee Building

Ph.D. (British Columbia)




Prof. Kwong has been teaching in the Department of Economics for more than three decades. Besides academic work, he assists the Department in its strategic planning, personnel decisions, manpower deployment, teaching and learning quality assurance, and student admissions. Working concurrently as Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, he assists the Faculty in educational matters of all programmes in the Faculty, and oversees the Interdisciplinary Programme of Global Economics and Finance and the Programme of Global Studies. He has enjoyed working closely with students, particularly in establishing infrastructure to nurture their academic development. In this regard, he also works as the Dean of General Education of the Wu Yee Sun College and its Associate Master.


Prof. Kwong’s current research focuses on the correspondence principle, which says that there is a strong relationship between the comparative static and dynamic stability properties of equilibrium points in a wide class of models. This theory is relevant to both micro and macro models.

“A Correspondence Principle for Cooperative Differential Equations” Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 150, 2014, p.878-887.