This course is designed for economic majors in their first year of study. The principal aim is to help students plan their curricula, including the academic and experiential components. It comprises three parts: 1. Lectures that introduce the structure of the programme (outcome statement, study pattern of required and elective courses, concentration areas), experiential learning opportunities (mentorship and internship programmes), and exchange opportunities (choice of host institutions and transfer of credits). Senior students may also be asked to share their experiences in mentorship, internship, and exchange. 2. Workshops on academic writing with emphasis on academic honesty. Topics include plagiarism, proper use of source materials, and citation styles. Each student will be asked to write and submit a summary of a collection of articles on a current topic in economics. Feedbacks will be given in a timely manner so that students can correct their errors and resubmit their work. A series of revisions and submissions will finally lead to academically acceptable articles – writings with clear logic, proper use of source materials, and proper citation style. 3. Sessions on presentation skills and interview skills. These include in-class debate sessions, group interview practices and cover-letter workshops. (Advisory: Course designed for students in their first year of major study in ECON. Capacity limited. Priority given to ECON major students.)


1st Term
ECON1902 Teacher: Ms. LEUNG Yuk Chun, Priscilla
ECON1902 Teacher: Dr. YAN Wai Hin
2nd Term