This course gives an overview on the architecture and development of banking and financial regulation in the international context. It discusses the fundamental issues in banking regulation, the role of central banks and the international cooperation in monetary policies and financial regulations. It incorporates both normative and positive analyses of issues in banking regulation, including the cause and damage of financial crises, the function of regulatory bodies in maintaining the stability of financial system and in preventing or ameliorating financial crises, and how monetary authorities or institutions can deal with financial issues in the era of globalization. The course includes three major topics: (1) fundament issues in financial regulation and the mitigation of systemic risks; (2) the development of the financial sector and its regulation; (3) new issues and development of financial regulation under globalization. (Pre-requisite(s): DSME1030 or ECON2011, and DSME1040 or ECON2021)


1st Term
2nd Term
GLEF4020 Teacher: Dr. HO Cheuk Yin [Course Outline]