Department of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 本科生優秀論文系主任獎


Updated on August 9, 2016


2016-2017 Ng Pui Ying Debbie, "Usefulness of Tourist Price Index – Comparing TPI with CPI", supervised by Ms. Priscilla Leung.
Mao Rui, “The Impact of Property Price on Fertility Behavior: Evidence from Mainland China”, supervised by Dr. Wallace Mok.
Chan Chin Lam, “The Relationship between Infrastructure and Trade of ASEAN and China. What is the Investment Plan for China?”, supervised by Dr. Ko Kwan Wai.
Yem Chi In, “The Economic Impacts of Smoking Ban in Macau Casinos”, supervised by Dr. Ko Kwan Wai.
Ding Yilan, Hu Ye, Lin Pin Yu and Liu Jinci, "The Impact of the Reform of the Hukou System on China’s Economy", supervised by Dr. Vinci Chow.
Hu Lei, YoungSung Kim, Moon Sungeun and Liu Zheming, "How can Hong Kong tackle with its Ageing Population Issue?", supervised by Dr. Ko Kwan Wai.
Chin Yuk Yin, Chan Kwun Ming, Siu Yiu Wah and Li Yiu Long, “What are the Causes of Low Fertility Rate in Hong Kong?", supervised by Ms. Leung Yuk Chun.
2015-2016 Zhang Wanwen, "Examining Gender Difference through Strategic Decision-making", supervised by Prof. David Ong.
Lam Chak Hong, "A Two-Sector Model of Home Production", supervised by Prof. Yip Chong-kee.
Ka Yiu Tung, "An Edge on the Starting Line? A Study of Intergenerational Mobility in Hong Kong", supervised by Prof. David Ong.
Song Jie, "The Impact of Xi Jinping's Anticorruption Campaign on Macao's Casino Industry", supervised by Prof. David Ong.
Gao Ramon, Lui Kit Man, Tai Wing Hei and Tse Shing Hei, "Analysis of Operational Efficiency of The Hong Kong Electric Company Limited under the Scheme of Control Agreement", supervised by Ms. Priscilla Leung.
Xie Guihong, Zhang Xian, Zhao Yuhan and Zhong Yu, "A Feasibility Study on the Price Promotion of Beijing Subway Ticket", supervised by Dr. Vinci Chow.
Chan Chun Wai, Cheng Yu Ying, Leng Yuyao and Mao Rui, "A Study of Youth Unemployment Problem in Hong Kong", supervised by Dr. Ko Kwan Wai.
2014-2015 Ng Hoi Ying, "What does your horoscope say about your future", supervised by Dr Ko Kwan Wai.
Chan Chin Lam, Chan Chin Nok, Polly Lo and Law Chun King, "Should the Hong Kong Government provide pay-as-you-go pension?", supervised by Dr. Ko Kwan Wai.
Tang Jie, Lau Sik Kwan and Li Shao Qing, "Evaluation of the effectiveness and necessity of tobacco duty increase in Hong Kong", supervised by Ms. Priscilla Leung.
Li Wing Ka, To Cheuk Hei, Liu Tianxin and Zhang Weijie, "Exchange rate and tourism: is cheap Yen driving more Hong Kong Tourists to Japan ", supervised by Dr. Vinci Chow.
2013-2014 Cheung Tsz Kin, "The Effect of Credit Cards and Debit Cards on Demand of Money: Evidence from Asian Countries", supervised by Dr Ko Kwan Wai.
Lau Tsz Chun, "Relationship between Hong Kong Stock Market Volatility and the Trading Activities of the Hang Seng Index Derivatives Contracts", supervised by Ms. Priscilla Leung.
Wong Cheuk Ming, "Evaluation of the Linked Exchange Rate: US Dollar or Renminbi for Currency Peg?", supervised by Dr. Ko Kwan Wai.
Wong Wing Yin, "To Divorce or Not? From Hong Kong Women's Point of View", supervised by Ms. Priscilla Leung.
Cheong Sin Hang, Cheung Hoi Yan, Leung Ka Long and Zhang Wan Wen, "Charging of Domestic Solid Waste?", supervised by Ms. Priscilla Leung.
Tse Chun Fung, Wong Yuk Yan and Yip Chun Fai, "The Essay on the Airport Planning and Management", supervised by Dr. Michael Leung.
Chan Wing Yui, Ng Pui Kwan and Tse Sing, "The Ageing Population and its Impact on the Economy and Society in Hong Kong", supervised by Prof. Sung Yun Wing.
2012-2013 Tsz Yu Chan, "Transboundary Pollution".
Siu Hong Lee, "A Theory of Institutional Inertia : the Middle-Income Trap and Public Policies in Developing Countries".
Kin Yan Chan, Tsz Wai Ho, Hung Shing Lai and Wai Cheong Siu, "Soaring Housing Price in Hong Kong : What Role Should Government Play?".
Long Hin Chan Franklin, Yu Fai Kam, Chi Wa Lee and Sum Kin Luk,"Regulating the Hong Kong Electricity Market".
Pui Yan Ng, Cheuk Nga Ho, Linyuan Jin and Yat Hang Chen, "Investigation of Feasibility of Universal Retirement Protection Scheme in HK".
2011-2012 Paul H.Y. Cheung, "Over-Inference in Small Sample: An Experiment".
Ken M.K. Chow, "Study of the Relationship between The Salary And GDP in Hong Kong".
Kyli K.Y. Li, "Do People who Work More Hours Earn More in Hong Kong?".
Lam Chor Wan, "Effects of Demographic Changes on Savings (Based on the Life-cycle Hypothesis)".
Si Lok Wu, "A study in reaching a "revenue-neutral" arrangement to improve the traffic situation amongst the three road harbour crossings".
2010-2011 Meichen Chen, "Efficiency of Bureaucracy: Discussions on Public Goods Provision".
Chun Yin Kwan, "An Evolutionary Analysis of Common Value Auction".
Xiaojie Liu, "The Effect of Internet Access on China's Bilateral Trade".
Chung Huen Lo, "How big is the Impact of the Appreciation of RMB on HK Domestic Inflation".
2009-2010 Ka Ki Cheung, "Analysis of the differences in prices charged in the McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong".
Man-Kit Ho, "The Introduction of Private Ambulance Services in Hong Kong".
Choi-Yin Lee, "The Trend of the Correlation between Education Attainment and Earnings - the Case for Hong Kong 1994-2009".
Hang Sang Tang, "Parental Migration as a Commitment to School Enrolment: Evidence in Rural China".
Wai Him Tsang, "Revisiting the Screening Hypothesis of Education: Education as a Sorting Mechanism".
Long-Ho Wong, "A Dynamic Macroeconomic model of the Great Leap".
2008-2009 Hiu-fung Tam, "Gender Discrimination and Occupational Segregation in China's Labor Market".
Long-ho Wong, "Expectation Makes a Difference : A Study of Counterfeiting Status Goods".
2006-2007 Wing-yiu Law, "Trend of Welfare Effect of Road Pricing in Hong Kong".
2004-2005 Tsz Nga Wong, "Consistency of the Threshold Estimator under Misspecification".
2003-2004 Wun-yin Chiu, "The Economics Impact of Tourism in Hong Kong: An Input-Output Analysis".
Wing-shing Lam, "Two Essays on the Profitability of Technical Trading Rules".