Department of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 研究項目
 Research Projects
Prof. ZHANG Junsen  

Co-residence and savings in China

Why high-income women can be worse off when high-income men become richer or more plentiful?

Rationed fertility: Theory and evidence


Cross-border marriage: Theory and evidence


The evolution of the one-child policy and its effects on family outcomes in China

Prof. CHAN Man Lung, Jackie  

Migrant Networks, Greenfield FDI, and Cross-border Mergers and Acquistions (with Huanhuan Zheng)

Trade Intermediation and Financial Frictions

Strategic Tariff Bargaining in the GATT and Gradualism


Reform Fatigue (with Renee Bowen, Oeindrila Dube, and Nicolas Lambert)


Searching, matching, and the transfer of information in international trade relationships (with Seunghoon Lee)

Prof. GUO Naijia

The Impact of an Early Career Recession on Schooling and Lifetime Welfare (Dec 2014, R&R at International Economic Review)


The Long-term Impact of an Early Career Recession on Health and Health-Related Behaviors (March 2014, with Rong Hai)


A Matching Model of Intergenerational Co-residence and its Application in China (August 2016, with Xiaoyu Xia and Junsen Zhang)


State Sector Employment and the Dynamics of Unemployment: Evidence from China (August 2016, with Shuaizhang Feng)


The Interactions between Parental Inputs and Child Care in Pre-school Education (with James Heckman, Juan Pantano, and Junsen Zhang)

Prof. HE Wei  

Dynamic games with almost perfect information (with Yeneng Sun)

Stationary Markov perfect equilibria in discounted stochastic games (with Yeneng Sun)

A foundation of deterministic mechanisms (with Yi-Chun Chen, Jiangtao Li and Yeneng Sun)


Long term contracting under limited supply


Dynamic screening with learning

Prof. LI Duozhe  

Decentralized One-to-Many Bargaining (with Chiu Yu Ko)

Natural Selection of Technologies in Market Competition (with Tak Lun Lester Chan)

Network Bargaining with Endogenous Matching (with Quan Wen)

Dr. MOK Kai Chung, Wallace

The Material Well-being of Disabled Retirees: Evidence from the PSID


Disabled Women and their Economic Wellbeing


Measuring Poverty with Longitudinal Data

Prof. SHI Zhentao  

A Structural Network Pairwise Regression Model with Unobservable Heterogeneity (with Xi Chen)

Measuring Social Interaction Effects when Instruments are Weak (with Stephen L. Ross)

Identification and Estimation of an Asset Pricing Model with Information-Driven Heterogeneity (with Huanhuan Zheng)

Prof. YAN Jin

Semiparametric Estimation of Multinomial Discrete Choice Models with Endogenous Regressors


The Seemingly Unreliability of Rank-Ordered Data as a Consequence of Model Misspecification (with Hong Il Yoo)


Semiparametric Estimation of the Random Utility Model with Rank-Ordered Choice Data (with Hong Il Yoo)


School-to-Work and Back Again (with Mark Borgschulte, Yuci Chen and Xiaoyu Xiao)


Robust Estimation of Preference with Heteroskedastic and Heterogeneous Ranking Behavior