Department of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Regular Faculty

Prof. Mirrlees James A. 莫理斯

Research Field(s): Public Economics, Information Economics

Distinguished Professor-at-Large

Phone Number: 3943-1401

Prof. Mundell Robert A. 羅伯特.蒙代爾

Research Field(s): 

Distinguished Professor-at-Large

Phone Number: 3943-1630

Prof. Bai, Ying 白營

Research Field(s): Development Economics, Economic History, Political Economy

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8004

Prof. Chan, Man Lung (Jackie) 陳文龍

Research Field(s): International Trade, International Economics, Macroeconomics

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8201

Prof. Chong, Tai Leung 莊太量

Research Field(s): Econometric Theory, Time Series Analysis, Technical Analysis of Financial Data

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8193

Dr. Chow, Yan Chi (Vinci) 周恩誌

Research Field(s): Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics


Phone Number: 3943-4059

Prof. Chung, Kim Sau 鍾劍修

Research Field(s): Institutional Design, Game Theory, Trade and Development


Phone Number: 3943-4300

Prof. Du, Julan 杜巨瀾

Research Field(s): Financial Economics, International Finance, Applied Theory, Development and Transition

Associate Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8008

Prof. Guo, Naijia 郭乃嘉

Research Field(s): Labour Economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics, Development Economics

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-7044

Prof. He, Wei 何暐

Research Field(s): Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Mechanism Design

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8196

Prof. Hsieh, Chih Sheng 謝志昇

Research Field(s): Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics, Social Networks

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8006

Mr. Ip, Tak Sang 葉德生

Research Field(s): Financial Economics, Capital Markets, Investment


Phone Number: 3943-8232

Prof. Ke, Rongzhu 柯榮住

Research Field(s): Contract Theory, Organizational Economics, Applied Econometrics

Research Associate

Phone Number: 2603-5250

Dr. Ko, Kwan-wai 高君慧

Research Field(s): International Economics, Asia-Pacific Economies, Monetary Economics


Phone Number: 3943-8235

Prof. Kwong, Kai Sun 鄺啟新

Research Field(s): Microeconomic Theory, Financial Economics, Industrial Organization

Associate Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8198

Prof. Leung, Patrick 梁柏力

Research Field(s): Economic History, Finance

Adjunct Associate Professor

Phone Number: 3943-1171

Ms. Leung, Yuk Chun 梁玉珍

Research Field(s): Banking and Finance, Monetary Economics


Phone Number: 3943-8230

Prof. Li, Duozhe 李多哲

Research Field(s): Bargaining and Game Theory, Applied Microeconomic Theory

Associate Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8183

Prof. Liu, Pak Wai 廖柏偉

Research Field(s): Labour Economics, Applied Economic Theory, Economy of Hong Kong

Emeritus Professor

Phone Number: 

Dr. Mok, Kai Chung 莫啟聰

Research Field(s): Public Finance, Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics, Household Surveys Design

Senior Lecturer

Phone Number: 3943-8003

Prof. Ng, Travis Ka Ho 吳嘉豪

Research Field(s): Industrial Organization, Applied Economic Theory

Associate Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8184

Prof. Nguyen, Hai X.

Research Field(s): Banking and Finance, Financial Regulations

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8188

Prof. Sheng, Liugang 盛柳剛

Research Field(s): International Economics, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8231

Prof. Shi, Ce (Matthew) 史冊

Research Field(s): Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8233

Prof. Shi, Kang 施康

Research Field(s): Macroeconomics, International Macroeconomics, Chinese Economy, Monetary Economics

Associate Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8194

Prof. Shi, Zhentao 史震濤

Research Field(s): Econometric Theory, Applied Econometrics

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-1432

Prof. Song, Zheng (Michael) 宋錚 Professor

Research Field(s): Macroeconomics, Chinese Economy, Political Economy


Phone Number: 3943-1171

Prof. Sung, Yun Wing 宋恩榮

Research Field(s): Trade and Development, Economy of China and Hong Kong

Adjunct Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8777

Prof. Wang, Xiaohu 王曉虎

Research Field(s): Econometric Theory, Financial Econometrics, Time Series Analysis

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8005

Prof. WANG, XIN 王鑫

Research Field(s): Public Economics, Economic Development, Applied Microeconomics

Research Associate

Phone Number: 3943-8007

Prof. Wang, Yin Chi 王胤琪

Research Field(s): Growth and Development, Macroeconomics

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8195

Prof. Wong, Kam Chau 黃錦就

Research Field(s): Microeconomic Theory, Mathematical Economics, Consumer Theory

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8200

Prof. Woo, Wai-chiu 胡偉潮

Research Field(s): Microeconomics, Welfare Economics, Socio-economics


Phone Number: 3943-8234

Prof. Yan, Jin 顏瑾

Research Field(s): Econometric Theory, Discrete Choice Models, Semiparametric Estimation

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8001

Dr. Yan, Wai Hin 殷偉憲

Research Field(s): Economy of Hong Kong, Microeconomics


Phone Number: 3943-8002

Prof. Yao, Feng 姚丰

Research Field(s): Econometrics, Industrial Organizations

Visiting Scholar

Phone Number: 3943-9273

Prof. Yip, Chong Kee 葉創基

Research Field(s): Macroeconomic Theory, Open Economy Macroeconomics, Growth Theory


Phone Number: 3943-8187

Dr. Yung, Chor Wing 容楚穎 Senior Lecturer

Research Field(s): Labour Economics, Industrial Organization

Senior Lecturer

Phone Number: 3943-8192

Prof. Zhang, Junsen 張俊森

Research Field(s): Labour and Family Economics, Applied Econometrics

Wei Lun Professor of Economics/Department Head

Phone Number: 3943-8186

Prof. Zhang, Yifan 張軼凡

Research Field(s): Chinese Economics, International trade and FDI

Associate Professor

Phone Number: 3943-8185

Prof. Zheng, Huanhuan 鄭環環

Research Field(s): Financial Economics

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 3943-1665