Postgraduate Courses For M.Sc. Programme


The aim of this course is to provide students with a foundation to pursue further research in the theory of financial economics. This course requires a sound understanding of microeconomic theory and an understanding and appreciation of finance problems as prerequisites. It is presumed that students are already familiar with the material at the level of Copeland and Weston (1988). It should be emphasized that research in finance requires a rigorous training in both microeconomic theory and econometrics.


1st Term
2nd Term
ECON5420B (M.Sc.) Teacher: Prof. WANG Xiaohu [Course Outline]
ECON5420B (M.Sc.) Teacher: Prof. HUANG Ji
ECON5420C (M.Sc.) Teacher: Prof. WANG Xiaohu [Course Outline]
ECON5420C (M.Sc.) Teacher: Prof. HUANG Ji