Undergraduate Students
Chan Cheuk Yin
My name is Matthew. I am now in my final year in CUHK. To sum up my university life, my favourite thing is going to London for summer exchange, which was my first time to step in Europe. I found that I like foreign culture a lot. Therefore, I am planning to go for a working holiday, or become a cabin crew upon graduation.
Fields of Interest: Education Others 
Cheng Yuk Lung
I am able to solve unexpected incidents when running a project by coming up with creative while practical solutions. I treasure every learning opportunity and every chance to be a team player. Moreover, I uphold my values and belief and stay strong when facing any challenge.
Fields of Interest: Others Consulting Finance
Fung Enoch
I am a final year student majoring in Economics in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The program offers me the opportunity to improve my knowledge in economics concepts, statistic and financial analysis. To gain practical experience in the workplace, I have been a research assistant in a marketing firm. The wide varieties of tasks enabled me to learn different research and testing methods. To take up more challenges, I have been the executive committee of two societies where I have developed strong communication and problem solving skills by undertaking leadership role and organizing student events.
Fields of Interest: Banking Finance Consulting
Lam Ka Lok
I am a final year student majoring in Economics in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. During my undergraduate study, I gained numerous opportunities to develop skills in project management, organization and research. Moreover, I was involved in several committees in university, which allowed me to gain experience in leading, communicating and cooperating with schoolmates. On the other hand, I participated in a summer exchange program to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, which not only broadened my horizons, but also improved my interpersonal skills essential to building relationships and trust. Besides, my internship experience as a financial advisor and part-time work experience provided me with great opportunities in establishing relationship with customers and making use of my interpersonal skills in the workplace.
Fields of Interest: Education Banking Consulting
Lau Man Ying
My strength lies in communication and I am a good team player capable of taking up a leadership role. In school, I have led group tasks providing investment suggestions to clients, formulating population and labor policies for the government and writing equity research reports. In my internships, I facilitated my team’s work by taking initiatives to improve work process and solve problems. I enjoy talking to people coming from various cultural backgrounds and work in a team to formulate plans and solutions.
Fields of Interest: Consulting Banking Finance
Mak Chun Yin
I have worked for 4 internships in my college time. I was trained to be a good team player when cooperating with my colleagues, a careful and detail-minded person when doing cross-checking, filing and data input while acquiring practical skills, such as financial valuation, accounting and statistical analysis.

Apart from my work experience, I have also participated in various extra-curricular activities which have given me broad exposure and varied experience. Earlier this year I took part in the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Challenge 2016 with 3 teammates which developed my time management and multi-tasking skills when working on a tight schedule. Apart from that, being the President of the Economics Society has nurtured me to be a capable leader. At the same time, my communication and teamwork skills are greatly improved.

Fields of Interest: Finance Banking Accounting
Ng Sze Wai, Belinda
I am a final year student at CUHK. I selected Economics as my major because it has helped me understand how the world works.

As an active learner who is willing to confront challenges, I am enthusiastic in different extra-curricular activities and external courses where I have acquired more knowledge and experience. My leadership, organization and problem-solving skills were also enhanced. Furthermore, I joined two leadership programs before which provided me with valuable knowledge towards the workplace such as social etiquette, public speaking project planning skills. I have also accumulated some work experience in the banking and finance sector which is beneficial to my future career.

Fields of Interest: Banking Finance Others
Yiu Wing Yi
I have a vibrant character that enjoys meeting new challenges and people. My experience working for international companies/organizations have not only sharpened my communication skills but also further developed my analytical skills. For instance, I worked as a law associate in a Malaysian law firm before. Without previous knowledge and training in laws, my curiosity, appetite for challenges and willingness to go the extra mile were what drove me to pay extra effort to adapt to my new role.I have learnt a tremendous lot about business laws throughout the internship, yet I have also realized that I thrive in a fast paced environment.
Fields of Interest: Consulting Banking Others
Yu Wong Sing
I am a final-year Economics student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am particularly interested in the banking and financial sector. I am a proactive person and I seize every opportunity to enrich my career preparation. Therefore, I had three internship experience in financial institutions, which gave me a comprehensive view of the banking and financial industry. Apart from that, I participated in an exchange program at Peking University. The experience significantly improved my proficiency in Putonghua and interpersonal skills. I believe my passion combined with my internship experience and communication skills will contribute to the continued success of your company.
Fields of Interest: Banking Finance Consulting