Postgraduate Students
Chan Tsz Yan
My studies, working experiences and extra-curricular activities have allowed me to improve my caliber to work in a team. I become more mature and responsible when handling any assignments. The past experience in working with colleagues has also strengthened my interpersonal skills which are required when liaising and cooperating with people from different backgrounds. During the year in 2015 when I was employed as a part-time community organizer in the Shum Shui Po district office, my job responsibilities included managing the meeting records and assisting in the 2015 District Council Election. It allowed me to have an overview understanding of working procedures and guidelines in the Government.
Fields of Interest: Others Education Banking
Deng Hong
Highly motivated and well-rounded with excellent learning skills, I obtained four scholarships during my undergraduate study. Besides, I am a considerate, inclusive and supportive team player. I had joined various student associations, academic competitions and internships, where I devoted myself, played a vital role and achieved the outstanding member award from the student committee. I sincerely hope to become a financial advisor in the future. In order to become more professional, I proactively take part in the CPA examination as well as internship programmes in auditing and financial advisory work.
Fields of Interest: Banking Finance Accounting
Fang Jing
I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Michigan State University. Having spent many years in the US, I possess deeper insights in global economic and financial affairs with an excellent communication and interpersonal skills to work with people of different culture in a dynamic environment. My experience as an intern in various financial institutions has equipped me with the ability to manage client relations effectively and develop modern pricing models. I would like to continue this passion to pursue a career in the financial sector.
Fields of Interest: Finance Consulting Banking
Li Yue
My studies provided me with a strong background in the theoretical knowledge required for successfully analyzing and synthesizing important financial information. Meanwhile, my work and internship experience have given me the opportunity to apply this knowledge in practical and challenging settings. Besides, I´m a person with good communication and interpersonal skills who also have the ability to work under pressure and strict timeline. All of these characteristics have given me the confidence needed to succeed in finance, banking and accounting area.
Fields of Interest: Finance Banking Accounting
Li Jiali
I am a postgraduate student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring in Economics. I was the first intern in Hang Seng Bank (China) Limited to rotate in different cities as recommended by the Regional Head. This internship has sharpened my skills in financial analysis and logical thinking. During my undergraduate study, I participated in a variety of volunteer work in my spare time. I also enjoy traveling to different countries to embrace the diversified culture. I am seeking to apply my knowledge and experience in the banking and finance sector.
Fields of Interest: Banking Finance Accounting
Sun Xuan
My studies in both Bachelor and Master degree in Economics, combined with my internship experience in financial sector have equipped me with abundant knowledge and strong business acumen. Extracurricular activities and exchange program not only developed my concern for social issues but also my confidence to take up the leadership role. Besides, responsibility and the passion for work keep me motivated and focused on my goal of becoming a financial professional.
Fields of Interest: Finance Consulting Banking
Tam Tak Man
Before studying the master programme, I took up the job of analyst in both HSBC and UBS. The work experience enabled me not only to acquire invaluable knowledge in the financial industry, but also develop useful and transferable skill sets for this fast-paced sector.

I work in a professional manner and complete my tasks carefully and efficiently. I am highly motivated to work and keen to develop a long term career in the financial industry. Meanwhile, I am a good team player and extremely dedicated to my role. I am open to any new opportunity to learn, improve and contribute.

Fields of Interest: Finance Banking Others
Tang Shiyun
I am a graduate from Jinan University in 2014 with Bachelor Degrees in Law and Economics. Presently I am pursuing a Master Degree in Economics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I obtained qualifications such as Legal Professional Qualification and Junior Economist in China, which provided me with a multi-professional background. I took internship in law firm to help a company list on the New Third Board. I gained knowledge in accounting when I worked as a finance assistant. For the past two years, I had served in a listed company in PRC as a Junior Legal Manager .
Fields of Interest: Finance Banking Consulting
Tian Wen
This is a creative and enthusiastic person who is always prepared for changes and challenges.
Fields of Interest: Consulting Banking Finance
Zhou Huan Wei
I am extremely commercially acute and a highly motivated person with a natural flair for numbers. Prior to CUHK, I worked in Standard Chartered Bank as a Relationship Manager, where I have developed considerable experience working with clients, including collecting information to determine their financial needs, researching and analysing feasible solutions, recommending suitable banking products and finally working with diverse teams during implementation while also managing client expectations.

Also, my studies have provided me with a very strong background in the mathematical techniques required to successfully synthesise and analyse complex financial data.

Fields of Interest: Finance Banking Consulting