Dr. WOO Wai-chiu
Tel: (852) 3943-8234
Email: wcwoo@cuhk.edu.hk
Office Location: Room 1003, Esther Lee Building
Home Page: https://sites.google.com/site/wcwoocv/

PhD (Monash)

Research Interest

Social status-seeking under imperfect market
Social choice theory of paternalism
Economics education


Dr. Woo teaches macroeconomics, public finance and welfare economics at CUHK. He also conducts researches, currently in three major areas (i) social status-seeking under imperfect market, (ii) social choice theory of paternalism, and (iii) economics education.

One of the aspects of teaching that he enjoys most is that he can present a proof of Arrow’s impossibility theorem in classroom to his students with a set of graphs that he constructed. He has also worked on a research project exploring how graphical methods can be used to improve presentation in, and help the understanding of, social choice theory.



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  • Woo, W. C. (2012). Inverted U-shaped conformism: An economic model of endogenous responses to the Joneses. The Journal of Socio-Economics, 41(1), 31-36.
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  • Woo, W. C. (2018). Kaplow-Shavell welfarism without continuity. Mathematical Social Sciences, 96: 92-96.

Works in progress

  • Graphical representations of proofs in social choice theory
  • A social choice theory of paternalism