Department of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Seminars
Seminar Convenors:

Prof. GUO Naijia, Prof. SHI Kang and Prof. SONG Zheng Michael

Locations:Room 918, Esther Lee Building, Chung Chi College, CUHK
Date Time Speaker Affiliation Paper Title

26 Sep, 2017 (Tuesday)


Prof. Imran Rasul

University College London

Social Ties, Group Conflict and the Delivery of Development Programs

11 Oct, 2017 (Wednesday)


Prof. Jessica Leight

American University

Exporting out of Agriculture: The Impact of WTO Accession on Structural Transformation in China

12 Oct, 2017 (Thursday)


Prof. Eugene Choo

Yale-NUS College

Identification of Counterfactuals in Marriage Matching Models

16 Oct, 2017 (Monday)


Prof. Adam Szeidl

Central European University

Media Capture through Favor Exchange

18 Oct, 2017 (Wednesday)


Prof. Michael Funke

Hamburg University

To Guide or not to Guide? Quantitative Monetary Policy Tools and Macroeconomic Dynamics in China

25 Oct, 2017 (Wednesday)


Prof. Enrico Moretti

University of California, Berkeley

Who Benefits From Productivity Growth? The Local and Aggregate Impacts of Local TFP Shocks on Wages, Rents, and Inequality

26 Oct, 2017 (Thursday)


Prof. Oliver Linton

University of Cambridge

Estimation in Semiparametric Quantile Factor Model

01 Nov, 2017 (Wednesday)


Prof. Yiyi Zhou

Stony Brook University

Middlemen as Information Intermediaries: Evidence from the Used Car Markets

03 Nov, 2017 (Friday)


Prof. Ulrich K. Müller

Princeton University

Inference for the Mean

10 Nov, 2017 (Friday)


Prof. Alan Spearot

University of California, Santa Cruz

Market Access, Trade Costs, and Technology Adoption: Evidence from Northern Tanzania

17 Nov, 2017 (Friday)


Prof. Shakeeb Khan

Boston College

Identification and Inference for Dynamic Discrete Choice Panel Data Models

06 Dec, 2017 (Wednesday)


Prof. Frederic Warzynski

Aarhus University

Prices, Physical Productivity and Exceptional Exporter Performance: Evidence from a Chinese Production Survey

07 Dec, 2017 (Thursday)


Prof. Ji Huang

National University of Singapore

Shadow Banking and Interest Rate Liberalization: Evidence from Wealth Management Products and interbank CDs in China

08 Dec, 2017 (Friday)


Prof. Mihai Manea

Stanford University

Bottleneck Links, Essential Intermediaries, and Competing Paths of Diffusion in Networks

13 Dec, 2017 (Wednesday)


Prof. Kailing Shen

Australian National University

Gender-Targeted Job Ads in the Recruitment Process: Evidence from China

20 Dec, 2017 (Wednesday)


Prof. Richard Ma

National University of Singapore

Internet Transport Economics: a Coalitional Perspective and the Congestion Equilibrium Model