Department of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Seminars
Seminar Convenors:

Prof. Jimmy Chan, Prof. Naijia Guo and Prof. Chong Kee Yip

Locations:Room 918, Esther Lee Building, Chung Chi College, CUHK
Date Time Speaker Affiliation Paper Title

04 Sep, 2018 (Tuesday)


Prof. Chenggang Xu

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

Does Financial Regulation Matter? Market Volatility and the US 1933/1934 Acts

06 Sep, 2018 (Thursday)


Prof. Yanhui Wu

University of Southern California Marshall

Competition, Contracts, and Creativity: Evidence from Novel Writing in a Platform Market

14 Sep, 2018 (Friday)


Dr. Arnold Polanski

University of East Anglia

Communication Networks, Externalities and the Price of Information

24 Sep, 2018 (Monday)


Prof. Haichao Fan

Fudan University

The Hidden Cost of Trade Liberalization: Input Tariff Shocks and Worker Health in China

08 Oct, 2018 (Monday)


Prof. Yuanyuan Wan

University of Toronto

Testing Identifying Assumptions in Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Designs

09 Oct, 2018 (Tuesday)


Prof. Federico Echenique

California Institute of Technology

Fairness and Efficiency for Probabilistic Allocations with Endowments

10 Oct, 2018 (Wednesday)


Prof. Kjell Salvanes

Norwegian School of Economics

Grandparents, Moms, or Dads? Why Children of Teen Mothers Do Worse in Life

11 Oct, 2018 (Thursday)


Prof. John McLaren

University of Virginia

NAFTA and the Wages of Married Women

24 Oct, 2018 (Wednesday)


Prof. John Ham

New York University Abu Dhabi

Selection, Gender and the Impact of Schooling Type in the Dhaka Slums

29 Oct, 2018 (Monday)


Prof. Dan Lu

University of Rochester

Misallocation under Trade Liberalization

30 Oct, 2018 (Tuesday)


Ms. Jingyi Huang

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

(Pre-graduation seminar)

Three Essays on High-Dimensional Econometrics

30 Oct, 2018 (Tuesday)


Prof. Dominic Rohner

University of Lausanne

Education and Conflict: Evidence from a Policy Experiment in Indonesia

01 Nov, 2018 (Thursday)


Prof. Daniel Berkowitz

University of Pittsburgh

Transparency and Corruption: Evidence from a Website Reform

03 Dec, 2018 (Monday)


Prof. Matthew Shum

California Institute of Technology

Neuroeconomic Decision Making in the Field: Response Times in Mobile Advertising

11 Dec, 2018 (Tuesday)


Prof. Atsushi Kajii

Kyoto University

Intertemporal Efficiency Does Not Imply a Common Price Forecast

14 Dec, 2018 (Friday)


Prof. Eran Shmaya

Northwestern University

Recursive Utility and Parameter Uncertainty

17 Dec, 2018 (Monday)


Prof. Jang-Ting Guo

University of California, Riverside

Progressive Taxation, Nominal Wage Rigidity, and Business Cycle (De)stabilization

18 Dec, 2018 (Tuesday)


Prof. Chao Fu

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Government Expenditure on the Public Education System