Department of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - CUHK Symposium on Growth and Development - Programme

CUHK Symposium on Growth and Development*


30 - 31 May 2015

Room 918, Esther Lee Building, Chung Chi College, CUHK



Day 1: Saturday, 30 May
8:15 to 8:40: Reception
8:45 to 10:15:

China (Chair: Chong-En Bai)

Grasp the Large, Let Go of the Small: The Transformation of China's State Sector

Chang-Tai Hsieh, Chicago Booth

A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Real Exchange Rate: Theory and Evidences from China

Qing Liu, CUHK

10:15 to 10:45: Tea Break
10:45 to 12:15: Global Perspectives (Chair: Kang Shi)

Saving Europe?: The Unpleasant Arithmetic of Fiscal Austerity in Integrated Economies

Jing Zhang, Chicago Fed

Demographics and Aggregate Household Saving in Japan, China, and India

Nelson Mark, Notre Dame

2:15 to 3:45: Growth (Chair: Liugang Sheng)

International Trade, Economic Growth, and Middle-Income Trap

Yong Wang, HKUST

A Non-monotone Relationship between Growth and Unemployment: a Labor Search Model

Been-Lon Chen, Sinica

3:45 to 4:15: Tea Break
4:15 to 5:00: Growth (cont.)

From Production to Retail: The Case of Chinese Footwear Industry

Daniel Xu, Duke

Day 2: Sunday, 31 May
9:00 to 10:15: Registration
9:15 to 10:45: Urbanization (Chair: Michael Song)

Education and Migration: The Role of Zhaosheng in China

Yin-Chi Wang, CUHK

Selection, Risk and Rural-Urban Migration

Michael Waugh, NYU

10:45 to 11:15: Tea Break
5 to 12:00: Urbanization (cont.)

Urbanization and Economic Development: A Tale of Two Barriers

Ping Wang, Washington University St. Louis

2:00 to 3:30: Historical Perspectives (Chair: Chong-Kee Yip)

Elite Recruitment and Political Stability: The Impact of the Abolition of China's Civil Service Exam

Ying Bai, HKUST

Ladders to Success: Civil Service Exams and Social Mobility in traditional China (1368-1644)

Se Yan, Peking University


*The financial support by the Faculty of Social Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong is greatly appreciated.