Department of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Academic Life

Academic Life
A vigorous and multi-faceted training programme is awaiting you at CUHK Economics - an opportunity you should not miss!

A Well-Balanced Approach: Theories with Applications
To achieve a balance between theory and application, our programme emphasizes the development of key skills, especially training in mathematics and statistics. We offer a wide range of applied courses, workshops, seminars and conferences to enhance our students’ exposure and understanding of various subject matters. Distinguished scholars and professionals around the world are regularly invited to give lectures thereby allowing our students to have a chance to meet and discuss economics topics with them.

Choosing a Concentration that fits your Career Aspiration
Depending on your career aspiration, a maximum of two of the following five concentration areas can be chosen, enabling the future employers to have a better understanding of the training you received:
•    Economic Theory - ideal for those who aspire to be good researchers, or to pursue further studies in Economics
•    Financial Economics - ideal for those who would like to work in the finance industry
•    Business Economics - for students interested in the use of economics in business decisions
•    Chinese Economy - our department has a very strong and unique faculty in the study of the Chinese economy
•    Data Analytics - for students interested in the handling, modeling and analyzing of “big data”, in order to draw vital conclusions and develop key insights

All-round Training
Our department strives to structure our study programmes with the goal of training our students to meet future challenges. Our courses are designed with an emphasis of a balanced development of economics knowledge and skills, focusing in particular on:  
•    Quantitative and modeling skills
•    Essay and report writing
•    Professional presentation skills
•    Active discussions of economics and business ideas
•    Innovation and creativity potential

Student Oriented Teaching (STOT): An Exercise in Research
Each student will be assigned to do a research project under the supervision of a faculty member. Students form small groups and meet once every week to discuss their case studies and research projects, enabling them to develop their interests and skills in doing research.

Preparation for Postgraduate Education
The Department of Economics has a strong tradition in nurturing the future researchers. Many of our students found Economics extremely interesting and decided to pursue graduate studies either overseas or in local universities. Our department also offers excellent postgraduate programmes. Our M.Phil. programme is particularly well known both locally and internationally. All our full-time research postgraduate students will be offered postgraduate studentship. Scholarships and other forms of financial assistance are also available.

Field Learning
The department regularly organizes student visits to large companies such as banks, brokerage houses, and the stock exchange, giving students a good opportunity to see markets in action.

Strong Research in Greater China Economies
With more than thirty faculty members and a broad range of interests, our department has a strong record in terms of the number of research projects and publications, particularly in economic issues related to Hong Kong, the Mainland, Taiwan and the Asia- Pacific. As Hong Kong is integrating with the Mainland, our students will be well placed to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this important development.

Extensive Links with Prestigious Universities and Professional Institutions
Our department has also established links with many prominent universities in other parts of the world, including those in the United States, Canada, UK, Japan, and other Asia-Pacific countries. Students have greater exposure to renowned international and local academics.

Awards and Scholarships in Economics
Every year our department gives out awards and/or scholarships to economics students with outstanding performance. Most of these are sponsored by institutions which recognize the excellence of our programmes and the merits of our students. There are also many other awards and scholarships for CUHK students. Thus, with good performance, you will find yourself well rewarded at CUHK.